Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

Energy Storage Systems (ESS) provide a smart step towards energy independence through high-tech batteries that store power for when you need it. 

We offer full design, supply and installation through our specialist partner, EQONIC. 

Capacity range: 5.12 – 20.5KWh LITHIUM IRON BATTERY

EQONIC ESS are suitable for residential or commercial projects. They work off-grid and on-grid and are designed to remove the need for gas boilers, reduce electricity bills, generate green energy, store power and provide back-up electricity.

Combining robust inverters with the latest lithium-ion battery technology, ESS can provide enough energy to run homes or commercial properties without any interruption in power supply. The system includes the Eqonic Battery, Inverter and Controller, Renewable Energy Generation (Solar Panels, Solar Tiles, Turbines etc.) and Heat Pumps from leading manufacturers. Fully installed by a fully qualified team.

Residential ESS capacity is scalable up to 10 systems.  

The commercial ESS is supplied as a modular system where the capacity per single system starts at 20kWh and is scalable to over 2 Megawatt.  

The SMART battery-inverter has a 10-year warranty (parts and labour). The solar panels which have a 10–12-year manufacturing warranty and 25-year performance warranty. The installation workmanship warranty is for 10 years.