Heating & Ventilation

Making building airtight and well insulated is only half the solution, Project Ziro are the UK distributor for the Nilan suite of ventilation and Heating products. We offer full design and supply solutions for Apartments and Hotels using the Iconic Compact P. A combined Hot Water, Ventilation, Heating/Cooling Unit, featuring two stage Heat pump and Exhaust air technology

Compact P Series 

Daily air exchange with the removal of dust particles, smells and excess humidity in exchange for a pleasant and healthy indoor climate. The integrated heat pump can also provide cooling by utilising its reverse cycle function. Ensuring consistent temperatures for all seasons and avoiding overheating issues common in apartments.

  • Ideal Solution for Air tight Buildings

  • Active & Passive heat recovery

  • Provides Ventilation up to 430m3/h

  • Comfort Heating and Comfort Cooling

  • Sanitary hot water production

  • 100% Certified for passive housing

Ideal for Apartments and Aparthotels requiring Ventilation up to 300m³/h