Low Energy Building Design

In explanation of our approach to low energy building design, it is important to define what a low energy building is. We believe the following should define a building as low energy:

  • Low embodied carbon content

  • Low operational carbon content

  • The building’s ability to generate energy

  • Minimising waste in the construction of the building

  • Maximising the efficiency in the adaptability of the building

  • Recyclability of the building elements

We take a holistic view when designing buildings.

Fundamentally, the orientation and the siting of the building is key. Site exposure and ability to harness direct sunlight and daylight are important to ensure that the building or buildings take advantage of solar gain for passive heating and minimise heat- loss to the north- facing facades. Before central heating became commonplace, this was how houses were built with small windows to the exposed facades and larger openings to the south.